From Bob’s Heart…

The passion of my life is to introduce the TRUTH….”God Heals Hearts”.  My intent is to provide resources to help mourn, or express, the pain of loss.  Welcome to a safe place to find hope, comfort, and direction along this very difficult journey we call grief.

– Bob Willis, grief specialist

Upcoming Events

Mourning Moments

GRIEF is a complex accumulation of intense emotions.  Grief is often described as emptiness, loneliness, pain, heartache, a void, even a deep longing. MOURNING is the outward expression of the grief felt within.  These expressions might be in...

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Sculpting Workshop

Learn to sculpt a bust in water based clay!!  Bob will lead a sculpting workshop on Saturday, February 24th, 10am - 3pm, at the House of Clay, 1100 NW 30th Street, OKC.  The cost of $125 includes instruction, clay, armature, a turntable for your...

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Passion Play

On May 4th, 2018, I will begin an awesome “dream job” as a sculptor at The GREAT PASSION PLAY in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!! From May thru October I will sculpt busts of Christ while sharing with the thousands who will attend this...

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“He Heals the Brokenhearted…”

Ps. 147:3

Healing Hearts Presentation

As he sculpts a broken heart in clay, Bob will share information on grief, loss, and caregiving. He will help normalize feelings, but also provide a healthy and proven guide to express these feelings. A central theme of Bob’s presentation is the awareness of having a supportive person during the time of transition.

A “Healing Heart Workshop” provides the opportunity for participants to sculpt a broken heart in clay as Bob guides the discussion of grief and loss expressions. These unique hearts can be personalized by the participants to honor the memory of their loved one. A Healing Heart Workshop is an excellent way for children and adults to memorialize their loved one.

About Bob Willis

Bob Willis is a specialist in the areas of grief, loss and caregiving issues. He is also an author and sculptor. His background includes 18 years as a Baptist minister, 16 years as a Hospice Bereavement Counselor, and over 20 years as a sculptor.