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Bob Willis, Sculptor
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The Healing Heart sculpture and the story behind it, also
    "The Ultimate Caregiver:Words from the Cross to the Caregiver's Heart"
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Rocking W Gallery
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Welcome to The Rocking W Gallery...a unique site for creating family treasures by arranging a hand casting in stone, finding the Healing Heart sculpture to provide comfort to a broken heart, discovering "The Ultimate Caregiver: Words from the Cross to the Caregiver's Heart" to provide direction to Caregivers, schedule Bob and Lynn Willis to present the powerful and dynamic Gospel in Clay for your organization, or finding the one of a kind fired clay sculpture as a hand made gift for someone special.
"The Front Porch of Heaven" by Bob Willis
In November of 2012, my mother-in-law, June Schoemann, had heart valve surgery but never recovered. During the days in ICU, June could not communicate with her family, but I'm confident she was talking with her Lord. Because of her faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior, I believe she was on the front porch of Heaven...Jesus was at the door...talking with her. He invited her into eternity, leaving her troubles behind her and entering into His Glory. June stepped into Heaven that day, the family had to go back home and mourn her passing. This is a song the Lord gave to me during those days...listen to the words. Actually, we are all on the front porch of Heaven each day. Are you ready for Him to invite you into eternity? He is only a prayer away.
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