Bob Willis

Bob Willis is a specialist in the areas of grief, loss and caregiving issues. He is also an author and sculptor. His background includes 18 years as a Baptist minister, 16 years as a Hospice Bereavement Counselor, and over 20 years as a sculptor.

Bob has a unique and captivating style of discussing very sensitive and emotional material as he sculpts a broken heart in clay. He blends his passion for grief support and sculpting into a memorable and informative presentation.

Bob has led grief support groups and workshops on loss since 1994. He is a popular speaker in grief conferences, providing valuable insight and proven tools to help soften the pain of loss. His presentation on communication skills to discuss important issues can lower anxiety in the life of caregivers.

Bob has written “A Guide for Grievers”, released in May of 2017. This book provides insights into grief and loss, normalizes feelings, and introduces proven methods to soften the pain of grief. It is structured for individual study, but also can be studied by grief groups.

Bob has been a sculptor since 1994. He provides sculpting workshops, private lessons, and sculpting demonstrations for businesses. His bronze sculptures can be found in colleges, hospitals, and a Veteran’s memorial. Bob incorporates his passion for sculpting into many of his speaking opportunities.

Healing Hearts Presentation

As he sculpts a broken heart in clay, Bob will share information on grief, loss, and caregiving. He will help normalize feelings, but also provide a healthy and proven guide to express these feelings. A central theme of Bob’s presentation is the awareness of having a supportive person during the time of transition.

A “Healing Heart Workshop” provides the opportunity for participants to sculpt a broken heart in clay as Bob guides the discussion of grief and loss expressions. These unique hearts can be personalized by the participants to honor the memory of their loved one. A Healing Heart Workshop is an excellent way for children and adults to memorialize their loved one.